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     Hi! My name is Honey and I am the site owner and Slash leader. Welcome to SlashCity! You are finally old enough to be able to start your training as a Slasher. Slashers are the people who defend our planet Slash from monsters called Animees. Before you can begin your training, a decision must be made on who your trainer is, and what type of SlashBand you will have. SlashBands are what you use to defeat Animees. The four type of SlashBands are classic, sword, bow and arrow, and staff. Each type has a special ability that increases certain attacks. No SlashBand type is better than another. Each is different. Before you can start your journey as a Slasher, you must take the SlashBand quiz. Click on the SlashBand Quiz tab to access the quiz. You can also access the quiz by clicking the button at the top of this page.

Character Sheet:

     Your character will have their own character sheet. This will keep track of your health, best friends, pets, and attacks. Your sheet will be managed by your trainer. He/she will tell you what your stats are periodically.

     Once your sheet is filled out with the starter information, you are all set! Everyone starts with 65 health orb points and the first two attacks in the slash and punch categories. Your trainers will edit your sheet according to your SlashBand type. Your trainer can begin to give you quests after this is filled out. You can only have one quest at a time, but most are not too lengthy and will be finished quickly. Once in a while, your trainer, or I, will give you an evalutaion. You need to have one evalution for every pet you make. When you have 10 evaluations, you will be given a special reward.

Have a fun adventure!

This game is played to have fun, but there still have to be rules. Please follow them because I do not want to ban anyone from this site.


1. No hacking into other people's accounts!!

2. Be nice to everyone. Please do not post unkind stuff on others profiles or in chat boxes.

3. You can only have one character. Please do not make more than one.

4. Do not add anything to your stats sheet without letting me and your trainer know.

5. Listen to your trainer. He/She will give you quests and tell you what to do. Please do not come up with your own tasks or give yourself rewards for doing nothing.

6. If you are in battle with another player, do not decide on his/her move. Wait until they post their move. 

7. Have fun!