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SlashBand Quiz

Take the following quiz to find out what kind of SlashBand best fits you and who your trainer will be!

1. You just lost your big game. How do you react?

a. Keep a low profile because your ashamed and somewhat mad.

b. Try to think of a way to improve for next time, but your still dissapointed.

c. Demand a rematch and don't take no for an answer.

d. Congradulate the winner and try to forget about it.


2. Your friend just fell off their bicycle and skinned their knee. What do you do?

a. Tell them they're fine and to get back up.

b. Improvise and try to comfort your friend.

c. Whip out the band-aids you brought in case this happened and get to work.

d. Use the little healing knowledge you know and wait for help.


3. What is your favorite color?

a. Lime green

b. Purple

c. Red

d. Blue


4. What do you think is most important in battle?

a. Fearless

b. Healing

c. Strategy

d. There isn't only one important thing. There are many.


5. You're stranded on a deserted island. What do you do?

a. Scout the area and check for dangers. Only then will you prepare for your hopefully small stay.

b. Swim for land. You can totally make it. No worries. Your not afraid of anything.

c. Grab some useful items and climb a tree.

d. Start building right away and make a signal for help. But first, grab some useful items for injuries or sickness.


6. Your parents signed you up for camp. What activity did you choose?

a. Medicine 101

b. Places to hide in danger

c. I can only choose one activity??

d. Fighting Skills


7. Your parents want to send you to boarding school. What do you do?

a. Throw a temper-tantrum and kick and scream.

b. Hide in the woods until they agree not to send you.

c. Calmly reason with them and ask if you can go to a school that specializes in medicine or doctors.

d. Just go with the flow and see what happens.


8. It's evaluation day for the sport you play. What do you do?

a. Go wild and push yourself to do even better than what you think you can do.

b. Trust your instincts.

c. Focus on your accuracy.

d. Try to do your best, but you are worried about getting hurt. If you do, you know you are prepared to take care of yourself.


9. Your taking your big test tomorrow. How did you study?

a. You studied a little everyday so you could have time for other things.

b. You crammed all your studying into one or two days. You were too busy with your friends and other "important" stuff.

c. You have been reviewing the chapter even before the test was announced so you would be extra prepared.

d. You studied a lot everyday, keeping on topic. You knew almost everything a few days before the test.


10. Your best friend didn't make the team. What do you say to them?

a. You can do better!

b. That's okay, try again next year.

c. I didn't make it the first time either.

d. I can be your trainer and keep you on target so you'll improve! 




Scroll down for answers.... no peeking until you're done!!!

















1. a=bow and arrow, b=classic SlashBand, c=sword, d=staff

2. a=sword, b=classic SlashBand, c=staff, d=bow and arrow

3. a=classic SlashBand, b=bow and arrow, c=sword, d=staff

4. a=sword, b=staff, c=bow and arrow, d=classic SlashBand

5. a=classic SlashBand, b=sword, c=bow and arrow, d=staff

6. a=staff, b=bow and arrow, c=classic SlashBand, d=sword

7. a=sword, b=bow and arrow, c=staff, d=classic SlashBand

8. a=sword, b=classic SlashBand, c=bow and arrow, d=staff

9. a=staff, b=sword, c= classic SlashBand, d=bow and arrow

10. a=sword, b=staff, c=classic SlashBand, d=bow and arrow


If you picked mostly....

Classic SlashBand, then your type of SlashBand is classic! Your trainer will be Honey. The Classic SlashBand will cause your 10th attack damage in each category to raise.

Sword, then your type of SlashBand is sword! Your trainer will be Alei. The sword will cause all your attack damage in the Slash category to raise.

Staff, then your type of SlashBand is staff! Your trainer will be Elun. The staff will cause your healing amounts to raise.

Bow and arrow, then your type of SlashBand will be bow and arrow! Your trainer will be Silvermoon. The bow and arrow will cause your dual arrow attacks to raise.

If you got the same number of types of SlashBands, please notify Honey with the ones you got the same number of. I will take it from there.

Once you have found out your type of SlashBand, please notify your trainer that you are ready to begin your training. To learn more about your trainer, go to forums and click on talk to your trainer.